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Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Brand

In 2017, the Nectar brand was launched as the perfect mattress with an innovative marketing strategy that prioritized on good product development and attractive affordability. They have grown to become a major competitor in the mattress market scene.

Nectar’s thoughtful ingenuity recognized a demand for high quality standards with obtainable prices. In other words, they knew that exceptional construction is the demand today and that that can’t be compromised; so, they were shrewd enough to find a way to do it while working within a budget.

The Nectar’s Layers Construction

Mattress technology has come a long way in providing better sleep.

The Nectar brand of mattresses has risen quickly to the top, competing with the best, and for good reasons–the construction of their mattress is not only truly unique in its layering system, it’s also made of eco-friendly properties.

layers diagram of the nectar mattress
Layer # 1 — The Tencel™ top cover is made of combined gel infused quilting that lets you float on its surface. The merging of Tencel™ and natural cotton fibers feels especially soft and luxurious to the skin while keeping you ultra-cool at the same time.

Layer #2 — High tech mattress memory foam is fundamental to any cozy subtle sink into your mattress. The Nectar mattress’s cushioning has a one of a kind system that gives you both gentle conforming softness and proper firmness. This “comfort” layer cradles you in bed, without losing spine support, which is the magic of this mattress.

Layer #3 —  This is the support layer, and this is where you will want to consult with your sleep expert in order to determine which level of firmness or softness is best for you. Each mattress shopper is different and has their own special body structure needs. This “transition” layer of memory foam will respond more quickly to changes in sleep position and will conform to the contours of your body as your sleep position changes during the night.

Layer #4–The “foundation” layer is made of high-density poly foam and it is the backbone of this mattress. It gives the mattress its durability and maintains its structure so that your mattress’s softer layers can be enjoyed without the mattress losing its integrity and shape.

Bed Frames for your Nectar–Nectar mattresses will fit any traditional bed size, so you can put it with a family heirloom bed frame or with your beach house wicker bed. The other option is to complete your set with an adjustable Nectar Foundation bed frame. This bed frame assembles and disassembles more easily than any other bed frame, which comes in handy for moving the bed into another room, or, moving it into the moving van headed to your next home.

It’s attractive and it’s affordable.

Why Nectar Customers Love their Mattress

Some of the top reasons Nectar customers are satisfied are spelled out in their enormous amount of positive reviews. Overall, this is what people are saying:

  • Incredible price with high quality
  • Sleeps cool, even for hot sleepers
  • Contours to your hips and back to help you sleep through the night
  • Comfortable firmness

person laying on mattress demonstrating spine alignment

Buying Nectar Online Vs In-Store

While the Nectar Brand originally established itself in the online bed-in-a-box market, you can now try it out in our mattress store. And, there really can be no replacement for shopping in person and test driving something you will be lying on for 1/3 of you life!

Whatever your personal reasons are for considering buying a mattress online–convenience? free-shipping incentives? you don’t want to lay on a mattress in a public store? or, maybe you typically do most of your shopping online anyway, so why not?

Well, you may want to think again, because a mattress really needs to be a hands on item to shop for. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on it, so giving it a test-drive first is really important. Would you buy a car without test driving it?

woman sitting on mattress with nectar brand packaging the background

Going for a Best Mattress Test Drive

The beauty of shopping for a Nectar mattress in person is that you can compare it with other mattresses in the store to be sure that it’s the very best mattress for you.

Be astute of your body structures needs and its preferred sleeping position(s), because it does really matter when buying a mattress. All sleeping positions will benefit more when a mattress is matched up right for you versus a wrong mattress choice could work against your happy way to sleep.  A bad match for your body’s needs can cause sleep disruption along with back and joint pain. There is no peace of mind in that prospect!

Another advantage to shopping in person is that a well informed sleep specialist will be available in the store to personally guide you through your mattress test drive–insuring you that you’ll know exactly what to pay attention to and look for. With all that science has discovered about the importance of good sleep posture and un-interrupted deep sleep today, it will be a luxury to have your own personal sleep expert helping you and walking you through it.

While the Nectar brand is one of the leading brand names, our store carries many other top brands that have been popular as well.  We endorse all of these brands as being the best mattresses in the marketplace, but we carry a variety so we can be sure that we have something for everyone and no customer will go away dissatisfied.

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